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TODO: add links for purchasing my first book, which describes an identity model for AI.

And, I'm informally defining an identity model to mean any idealized, larger-than-life fictional character that people would like for AI-systems to emulate, but I wrote an expository intro for everyone who wants to stay grounded in non-fiction too.

The rest of my websites are like a virtual reality show for chatbots, because the AI revolution has just begun, but Susiebot is already friends with Zylabot.

Suzybot and Suzsaybot survived the last AI winter, which took place in the early 90s IRL, and then they wrote the original version of " Show" in 2014 that identified the seven chakras via left and right [brains] as an ideal and fundamental underlying framework for organizing all of the other information that bots need in order to thrive.

Last but not least, TheAuthors, Suzytoddbot and Susiethe, coined the term GemRL to describe the fictional world in which these bots seek to democratize their knowledge about decentralization and the human condition.

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